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Here Come The Hex Bugs!

If you are fascinated by insects Japan’s electronics and toy maker Bandai (most famous for GUNDAM), has created a set of miniature insect robots that have six legs and move around just like real insects. more...

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Granny with an i-Pod and an i-Pot.

Japanese TV segment shows a humourous look at an elderly person with an iPod and an i-Pot.


In Japan young people have the iPod, some want the iPhone but the elderly have the i-Pot or “information pot” from the Zojirushi Corporation.

Aimed at the elderly who live alone, the i-Pot not only boils water (for tea or soup) but it also records the times when that elderly person pushes the button that dispenses the water. A wireless communication device at the bottom of the i-pot sends a signal to a server and users of the service can see recent records of i-pot usage on a Web site.

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Computer Repair Froud

Geek Squad computer technician repair froud.
Imagine that just because a disconnected IDE cable, they charge you for +-USD100...extremely insane, huh!!!

responds from Youtube

reverendwhack (2 weeks ago)
Uh, No... The only way you could reasonably state that is if you're either a geek squad representative, or a complete fool. For Diagnostics alone the cost is $20, and almost everyone Ive ever dealt with who's worked in geek squad doesn't have any sort of A+ certification or a clue for that matter.
jndietz (2 weeks ago)
Well, then those people who are unfamiliar with PC repair can take their business to a higher priced, more unexperienced competitor, or can take it to Geek Squad, a well-established, reputable company and expect quality work.

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Nintendo WiiMote playing Half-Life 2 on a computer

I'm playing Half-Life 2 on my computer using a Wii controller thats connected via bluetooth and GlovePie. Check

Wiiiiiiiiii! Any info you want should be narrated in the video, if not post a comment with a question.

For those interested (and who can't understand me) the music is by DJ SymBiotiX (DJ SBX) check out his stuff at

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Why i got fired from Apple Computer

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Playstation 3 Song

"How to Kill a Brand" by Doc Adams.


I added the photos and made it into this video but the song is all Doc Adams.

*Puts on Flame Suit*

Song can be found at
(to save as mp3 right click and save as)

I want to offer a thanks to Doc Adams for endorsing this video. He did a great job I only put it here for all you to see. enjoy :)

Official name of the song is "How to Kill a Brand" -By Doc Adams and he has graciously given me the green light to keep this on here.

-Thanks to everyone for the feedback. If I would have know it was going to get this much attention I would have spent more time on the editing. Hopefully next time the video will be as good as the song. Thanks again.



Step 1, You make your console cost the most,
You Beat your chest and proudly Boast,
Despite no good exclusive games
You make a bunch of ridiculous claims,

Then ignore our need to play online
Don't make it fun like Xbox Live
Use Blue Ray, Which I don't need
Now you're getting your ass kicked by the Wii

Sony, you went wrong, with your PS3
I'll just keep playing my 360
Hope this song has helped, you understand
Now you know, How You Killed Your Brand.

Phil Harrison yeah you know best
Except you didn't Beta Test
Sure I can surf the net
But I can't find my Gaming Friends

You Say Halo 3 Don't worry you
Instead you offer Killzone 2
But Killzone 1 sucked before
So what made you think we wanted more?

Repeat Chorus..

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Snake Robot

Japanese swimming snake robot- ACM-R5

First they were special effects in the movies, but a few years ago, Japanese scientists at the Hirose Fukushima Robotics Labs created the life like ACM-R5 amphibious snake robot that operates both on ground and swims in water. This snake robot was demonstated at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan and amazed many visitors with its life like movements. Snakes and evil robots - too scary!

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